Meet the Owner

Cassie Baeker, Owner

Cassie Baeker, Vestiary's owner, hails from Lexington, Kentucky about 45 minutes south of Danville. She is married to Zach and has 2 children, Ches & Morris. She comes from a blended family with a twin sister, brother, and 2 step sisters. Cassie grew up around a mother with an interior design degree and a grandmother who was a very gifted artist. Always inspired and encouraged to be creative, Cassie spent much of her free time as a child drawing dresses, outfits, even storefronts. While Cassie has always had an interest in fashion she never had the confidence to take it any further than her own wardrobe until recently.

In 2009 Cassie met and eventually fell in love with her now husband, Zach, who grew up in Danville. Cassie and Zach moved to Danville and got married in 2013. While the small town life took some getting used to, Cassie now considers it home and loves the friends she and Zach have made.

Soon after their wedding, Cassie saw the opportunity to open a boutique. Lots of meetings, brainstorming, and real estate stalking later Cassie and Zach decided to purchase a building located downtown. The building was formerly an Italian restaurant called Freddie's. Freddie's had become quite the historic landmark in Danville despite not operating in this location for quite some time. "The old Freddie's building" has become the most efficient way to tell natives where Vestiary is located, works every time! If you visit the store you can see the original Freddie's sign hanging on the back wall.

Months and months of renovating later the once gutted building was transformed. Vestiary opened their doors in June 2014. 

ves·ti·ary- (n.) a room where clothing is kept. 

We are located at 522 Techwood Drive, Danville, KY 40422

We want to get to know our customers, feel free to email us at, message our facebook page or call 859.221.2590 with any and all questions. Thank you!

Instagram: @shopvestiary